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 Estimated Fire Area
 Estimated Advisory Evacuation Area
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Updated 10/23 at 9:15 a.m.

Time started: 9:23 a.m. (source: Calfire e-mail sent 10/21, 11:32 a.m.)
Cause: unknown
Containment: 5 percent
Cost: $1.3 million
Area: extreme southeast near Potrero - west of Harris Ranch Road. source: Cal
Fire, 10/22

Acreage: 22,000 acres (10/22, 7:01 p.m.)
No. of evacuations: 1,000 (10/22 1 p.m.)
Neighborhoods evacuated: Barrett Junction, Potrero, Tecate, Dulzura, and
parts of Deerhorn Valley (virtually all communities between Harris Ranch Road
to east and Thousand Oaks campground to west, off Otay Lakes Road. 10/22 1
p.m.) Harbison Canyon and Crest;

Evacuation centers: Steele Canyon High School, Campo Community Center
No. of homes burned: 4+
No. of injuries: 16 civilian; 5 firefighters (3 males and at least 1 female,)
10/22 7 p.m. (TV reported late on 10/21 that female firefighter in medically
induced coma)An unknown number of homeless migrant workers camping in Otay
Lakes area were burned and injured;

Six illegal border crossers, all Mexican nationals, were rescued in Tecate
area and transported with burns to UCSD Medical Center; one was in serious
condition with second degree burns;

No. of deaths: 1 (male Tecate resident, CMX gave ID 10/22 9:30 a.m.)
No. of personnel fighting: 400
No. of engines: 65 (10/22 7 p.m.)
No. of air: six helos, five air tankers (being shared w/Witch Fire crews)
Command Center: Daley Ranch in Rancho Jamul on Highway 94, equip staging at
Jamul Fire Station #66 on SR 94 (10/22 1 p.m.)

Time started: 12:37 p.m. 10/21 in community of Witch Creek on SR 78 (Cal Fire
10/22 1 p.m.)
Cause: possible downed powerline (under investigation on 10/22 1 p.m.)
Containment: 0 percent (7:30 p.m. 10/22)
Area: fire is 20 miles long, stretching east of Ramona

Acreage: 145,000 (7:30 p.m. 10/22) 20,000+ (4:22 p.m. 10/22) 14,000+
No. of evacuations: 10,000+
Neighborhoods evacuated: San Pasqual Valley, Ramona, parts of Poway, High
Valley, Bridlewood Country Estates, Stoneridge, Heritage, Old Coach, Old
Winery, Witch Creek area, Old Julian Highway, and the north east side of the
San Diego Country Estates, San Marcos, Valley Center. Also: Highland Valley,
San Diego: Rancho Bernardo, Rancho Penasquitos, Wild Animal Park; Mt. Woodson
development in west Ramona; Escondido, Lakeside, Barona Indian Reservation,
Rancho Santa Fe; Alpine, Crest, Harbison Canyon
Evacuation Centers: Poway Community Center, Mira Mesa High School
No. of homes burned: 500 residences, 50 outbuildings and 100 commercial
properties. (7:30 p.m. 10/22) 300 structures have been damaged (250
residences, 75 commercial properties and 50 outbuildings: 10/22 7:30 p.m.) At
least 6 houses in southern Escondido have been lost tand 2 others have been
damaged. 60 homes burned in Rancho Bernardo 10/22 1 p.m. No damage in Scripps
Ranch (4:23 p.m. 10/22)
No damage Black Mountain (4:23 p.m. 10/22)
No. of injuries: 8, including 7 to firefighters, 1 to civilian from smoke
inhalation (Cal Fire 10/22 7:30 p.m.)
No. of deaths:
No. of personnel fighting: 625 (7:30 p.m. 10/22) 450, 369
No. of engines: 89 (10/22 7:30 p.m.) 98 (4:23 p.m. 10/22) 28
No. of air: six helos, five air attack planes - sharing with Harris Fire
Command Center: The ICP has been moved to Kit Carson Park (at Kit Carson Park
and Bear Valley Parkway, in Escondido) 10/22, 7:30 p.m.

Time started: 1:50 a.m. (near radio towers above homes near ridgeline in
Coronado Hills development)
Cause: unknown
Containment:100 percent (10/22 3 p.m.) 40 percent (10/22 2 p.m. Predict full
control at noon on 10/23)
Area: San Marcos only (10/22 2 p.m.)
Acreage: 250 to 300 acres burned
No. of evacuations: 7,300 people; 2,200 homes, apartments
Neighborhoods evacuated: Coronado Hills, San Elijo, Discovery Hills
Evacuation centers: Mission Hills High School
No. of homes burned: unknown (10/22 4:21 p.m.) 0(10/22 3 p.m.) 2-3 structures
No. of injuries: No reported injuries0
No. of deaths:none0
No. of personnel fighting:40
No. of engines:25
No. of air:0
Command Center: PIO at Cal State San Marcos, parking lot B on Twin Oaks
Valley Road. Firefight being managed at non-public Emergency Ops Center at
city public works yard on Rancho Santa Fe Road

Time started: 4:16 a.m. on 10/22 in Rice Canyon
Cause: unknown
Containment: 0 percent

Acreage: 750+ (10/22 at 3 p.m. Crawford) 1,000 acres burned
No. of evacuations:45,000
Neighborhoods evacuated:
Evacuation centers: San Clemente State Park (10/22 at 3 p.m.)
No. of homes burned: 100 homes destroyed (10/22 at 3 p.m.) 1 structure
damaged, possibly a trailer (10/22 1 p.m.) 500 to 1,000 homes in danger over
next 24 hours
No. of injuries: 1 firefighter minor injury
No. of deaths:
No. of personnel fighting:30
No. of engines:5
No. of air:
Command Center:

1. McCoy Fire

Time started: 11:37 p.m. 10/21 mngd by USFS (Cal Fire 10/22 1 p.m.)
Cause: unknown
Containment:5 percent contained on 10/22 at 1 p.m.; expect full containment
Area: Cleveland National Forest. Community of Boulder Creek near Eagle Peak
(east of Ramona and San Diego Country Estates and South of Witch fire)

Acreage: 400 acres (10/22 1 p.m. and then 7 p.m.)
No. of evacuations:
Neighborhoods evacuated:
No. of homes burned:1
No. of injuries:
No. of deaths:
No. of personnel fighting:30
No. of engines:5
No. of air:


Here is a list of roads that have been closed or partially closed because of numerous fires burning in San Diego County:
- Northbound Interstate 15 closed from state Route 76 to state Route 79, and from state Route 56 to state Route 78
- Southbound I-15 closed from state Route 78 to Rancho Bernardo. All southbound I-15 ramps in Rancho Bernardo are open
- Interstate 8 closed to trucks and other high-profile vehicles from Alpine to Ocotillo in Imperial County
- State Route 94 between Harris Ranch Road and state Route 188
- State Routes 78 and 79 from Julian to Ramona
- State Route 79 from Ramona to Sutherland Dam Road
- State Route 67 limited to southbound traffic
- State Route 94 between Otay Lakes Road and Forest Gate Road
- All Campo roads west of Forest Gate Road and east of Otay Lakes Road
- Honey Springs Road in Jamul at Lyons Valley Road
- East of Victoria Drive in Alpine between Otto Road and Overland Passage Road
- Buckman Springs Road at eastbound Interstate 8.
- State Route 67 closed to northbound traffic at Maple.view Dr. in Lakeside
- El Montevideo at Paseo Delicias in Rancho Santa Fe

Among the roads partially opened for evacuations only:
- Southbound Pomerado Road from West Bernardo Drive to Camino del Norte

Among the roads reported affected on early Monday morning by fallen trees, downed power lines and other debris:
- State Route 67 just south of Vigilante Road
- Engineers Road at state Route 79
- State Route 76 at Red Gate
- La Bajada at Rancho Santa Fe Road
- Santa Margarita Road at Calle de Luz Road
- State Route 78 at Wynola Road
- Southbound lanes of Valley Center Road at north Lake Wohlford Road
- West Bernardo Drive south of Rancho Bernardo Road
- Country Club Lane in Elfin Forest